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Energy in Motion Now & Angelic Intuitive Healing©

BioPhoton 5.0 Lymphatic Stimulation Sessions

are now available ONLY by individual appointment at:

Energy in Motion's office, Springfield, MO, Monday, Thursday and Friday, 11-4 pm
or Tuesday, 11-4 pm at the Herb Shop in Branson West, MO

[First session is only $60. Additional sessions as low as $35.]

Experience Photobiotic nutrition. Participate in its research.

For details click here ...

Call Emmale at 417-849-0109 to schedule your session, or with questions.

Energy in Motion was founded in September 2005 in Springfield, Missouri.

Our primary focus has always been on Natural Healing. We have provided healing sessions, created and compiled numerous healing classes and workshops, and have actively worked to help unite the natural healing providers together to strengthen the sense of a natural healing community.

NOW we are ready to take the next step forward.

We have put together the best of the best in Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment.

Together with countless other strong supporters and providers, the lovers of Nature's healing gifts, we are taking the wisdom and techniques out into the general community. Our goal is to share the knowledge, understandings and experiences we have developed and been blessed with as we have traveled our own journey to higher and higher levels of health and wellness.

We accomplish this through:

This is our passion!

We have come to realize that strength comes in sharing what we have discovered with as many people as possible. Then, they, too, can begin to heal, as they travel their own personal journey to discovering and experiencing the best of the best in Natural Healing and Personal Empowerment.

Emmale Judycki, Owner, Director of Services, “Angelic Intutitve Healint” Founder and Instructor, Certified Quantum-Touch Level I & Level II (Advanced) Instructor; Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner: Medical Intuitive: Natural Healing Arts Fair Co-coordinator.
417-849-0109 divinelovemanifested@gmail.com and angelicintuitivehealing@gmail.com.

Cookie Wood, Events Coordinator; Creator of the Legendary En-Lightening Beltz, Healing Energy Practitioner; e-newsletter; advertising, personalized healing stone jewelry; Native jewelry and Medicine bags; Pyramidal Crystal Activation sessions; Natural Healing Arts Fair Co-coordinator.
417-631-5980 Naturalhealingartsfair@yahoo.com

Al AKA Bob Graphic Designer and in charge of keeping the web site functional. He also does all the advertising and handout materials for Energy in Motion.
417-380-9026 dezignsbybob@gmail.com. Bob also keeps up the “Bob’s Real Food Recipes” database which is a collection of basically healthy recipes collected and tested over the years.

Call or email for an appointment, booth, workshop, guest speaker opportunities, articles, advertising, or your personalized healing stone jewelry. 417-849-0109 or 417-631-5980.

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Energy in Motion The Natural Healing Center, LLC, Health & Wellness, Springfield, MO

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